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So, you’ve retired after years of working and living a hustle-bustle life. Your golden years are upon you, the kids are all grown up, and it’s time to start living the kind of life YOU want to. It’s time to find the best place to buy a retirement home, a new place to call home for your retirement years, though this is often easier said than done.

Buying a retirement home can be a daunting decision. If you’re wondering how to choose a retirement home, we’ve put together a guide that will walk you through the most important aspects to consider when choosing or buying a home in retirement.

Buying a Retirement Home

There are a few key things retirees should look for in a retirement estate or village before buying. We’ve put together a quick guide on what should be top of mind when choosing a retirement home.


Independent Living

A great retirement estate worth investing in should give you the option of independent living facilities as well as specialist care for when you need it. Independent living is key for many retirees that want to live an active, independent life with the peace of mind that 24-hour care is there too.


Large Stands

Buying a retirement property that is not on top of the next one is also quite a plus when looking for the right estate to live in. One doesn’t want to feel like you are on top of your neighbours just because you’re buying into a retirement village. Knysna Lifestyle Estate is 52-hectares in total and boasts a density of only 5 homes per hectare, which means you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty everywhere you look and you certainly won’t be staring into your neighbour’s kitchen window. Take a look at our Site Plans and Interactive Map to find out more.



Choosing an estate that offers world-class amenities is essential for many retirees that want to remain active. At Knysna Lifestyle Estate we have amenities like a heated pool, tennis court, a gym, and walking trails for the active retiree, with world-renowned golf courses just around the corner too. The clubhouse offers a social centre for the estate where sundowners can be enjoyed with friends on drinks evenings as well as a round of billiards, a game of mahjong or bridge.


Safety & Security

This is of paramount importance for many retirees when choosing their retirement home. In your golden years, you certainly don’t want to be worrying about home security at night. At Knysna Lifestyle Estate safety is a priority for us and we offer a variety of security features like secure entrances, perimeter security, and linked security systems for all homes in the estate. We want you to focus on living your best life, not worrying about your safety.


Assisted Living

Many retirees choose a retirement estate with the option of assisted living or healthcare facilities on site should they need it at a later stage. This is a wise investment indeed. We have a 24-hour healthcare centre for residents who need specialised care after operations or treatment, a frail care section, and home-based care options too.


Where to buy a retirement property in Knysna?

Knysna Lifestyle Estate is a retirement experience that is centred around senior living in a secure, healthy environment. Knysna is one of the most iconic, bohemian towns on the Garden Route and is only about 60kms away from George Airport where flights from all over South Africa come and go into each day. It’s accessible enough for the kids to visit yet secluded enough to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Western Cape.


Knysna Lifestyle Estate offers one of the best buys when it comes to retirement. Many people ask us, is buying property for retirement a good investment? We always answer, if you buy a home in Knysna Lifestyle Estate, it most certainly is.


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