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Retirement villages with frail care

If you are looking for a retirement village in the Garden Route, Knysna Lifestyle Estate has a superior healthcare centre providing frail-care facilities and nursing care.

Knysna Lifestyle Estate healthcare facility services

While many retirement villages offer frail-care services, the Knysna Lifestyle Estate offers superior services, both in-home and in our assisted living facility.

We provide assistance to patients who are recuperating after a surgical procedure, cancer patients, those who are disabled, weakened, or in the early stages of dementia, and bedridden patients.

What services are offered at the healthcare centre?

We offer a 24 hour a day full care service. Our nurses are on hand to care for their patients’ every need. We also provide three meals a day along with morning and afternoon tea, and additional services including laundry.

What duties do the nursing staff perform?

Along with basic nursing duties, our nurses also assist with mobility, administering of medication, monitoring blood pressure and glucose levels and providing oxygen therapy. Housekeeping staff will assist with preparing food, making the bed, washing dishes and washing clothes. All in all, patients are fully cared for by our trained professional staff.

What training do frail care staff have?

Our nursing staff are all highly trained. At a minimum, our nurses hold a South African Nursing Council (SANC) accreditation.

Ongoing training of staff at the centre ensures that all members operate to the highest standards while maintaining a passion for care and understanding of individual needs.

The entire Healthcare team put an emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming environment for residents, and their delightful bedside manners encourage a sense of wellbeing and an atmosphere of ‘family’ at the Healthcare Centre.


trained professionals

Our retirement village with nursing care makes sure all sStaff are trained in caring for:

Patients recuperating after surgical procedures or undergoing therapy
Cancer patients
Disabled and weakened elderly
Early Dementia patients
Bedridden patients


Will my dietary requirements be considered at the healthcare centre?

We place particular emphasis on well-prepared and tasty food at the healthcare centre. We offer three meals (and morning and afternoon tea) freshly prepared on a daily basis. Our menu has been designed by a qualified dietician and is focused on maintaining good health, muscle strength and bone density – all essential for the well-being of the older person. The cooks are experienced and creative and cater to individual tastes and special dietary requirements. Meals can also be provided in homes.

Can I opt for in-home care?

At Knysna Lifestyle Estate we understand that you may want to receive in-home care, and we provide nursing aid in the comfort of your home when you need it.

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