There’s a place…

designed for a secure environment

Security is of utmost importance in any South African retirement village. At Knysna Lifestyle Estate we go above and beyond to ensure that our residents are safe and secure within the estate.

What security does Knysna Lifestyle Estate have?

The entrance to our estate is protected by a security guard station that is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Entry is only granted to residents, approved visitors and guests.

The entire estate is surrounded by a full perimeter electric fence which is monitored by our security service provider.

All homes are linked to our security company through a panic button system.

The estate is patrolled at night, with guards completing a number of internal and full perimeter patrols. Our GPS based Bloodhound system ensures that guards are in constant contact with the control room, improving the efficiency of our patrols.

Knysna Lifestyle Estate has an excellent security record that can rival any luxury retirement village in South Africa.

Is Knysna Lifestyle Estate access controlled?

Yes, the Knysna Lifestyle Estate is access controlled, and the entry is controlled by a manned guard station and booms.

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