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At Knysna Lifestyle Estate, our luxury difference is choice. That is why we offer both freehold (buy-off-plan) and life-right opportunities. Let’s take a more detailed look at the freehold or off-plan retirement homes we have on offer in the estate, including the costs of the homes, and the benefits of buying in an off-plan development too.

What are off-plan properties?
To buy off-plan means to choose a home option from the plans created by the developers of an estate complex, that you will purchase and own in your own capacity. In Knysna Lifestyle Estate we offer ten choices of home designs when it comes to buying off-plan property (otherwise referred to as freehold units), namely two-bedroom and three-bedroom homes.

Two-Bedroom Units
In Knysna Lifestyle Estate, the two-bedroom homes start at 144m² and either offer a single or double garage. The off-plan property options in the Estate range between R3.95m to R6.650m and the final costs are determined by factors such as house size, land size and position within the Estate.

Three-Bedroom Units
Offering an extra bedroom, these homes offer double garages only and range in size up to 338m² depending on the choice of plan. The costs of these units range between R5.9m and R8.25m depending on the factors mentioned above.

View our range of retirement house plans and options to suit your requirements.

How does buying off-plan work?
Once you’ve chosen the off-plan property for sale that suits you best, the next step is understanding how the payment structure for these types of homes works. Here is a short explanation of the payment structure involved in the Estate’s freehold units;

  • The payment structure is divided into four payments
  • 34% to transfer the stand into one’s name (this will include an initial deposit on signature)
  • 22% payable at floor slab level
  • 22% at roof height
  • The final 22% on completion of the home

Retirement Off-Plan Property Homes

Benefits of Off-Plan Properties

What are the benefits of buying off-plan?
Buying off-plan in a retirement estate like Knysna Lifestyle Estate comes with a multitude of benefits. Here are a few benefits when you buy off-plan;

  • You get to select the finishes of your choice.
  • As a freehold homeowner, you own the unit and therefore can sell it at any point in your retirement journey. The only fee you are eligible for on the re-sale of your unit is a 25% resale appreciation fee to the Homeowners’ Association towards the levy stabilisation fund and any commissions due.
  • The external painting of your home will be the responsibility (and for the cost) of the Homeowners’ Association which includes gutter repairs, external paving repairs and basic garden maintenance.
  • You only pay for the Water and Electricity that you use and are not responsible for any additional water and electricity fees for the Estate as a whole.

Keen to know more about what Knysna Lifestyle Estate can offer you in your retirement? Contact Us today to learn more about both the freehold and life-rights homes we have available.

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