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While nothing in life is certain, you can do what you can to control and manage your future.

Residents at the Knysna Lifestyle Estate know that they can always rely on outstanding individualised healthcare. Rain or shine, the Knysna Lifestyle Estate health professionals are on hand to look after and care for residents in need.

Each member of Knysna Lifestyle Estate’s nursing team is hand-picked for their warm and caring nature. All nursing staff are also highly trained. At a minimum, our nurses hold a South African Nursing Council (SANC) accreditation, and undergo ongoing training and development.



What health care services are offered at Knysna Lifestyle Estate?

The Knysna Lifestyle Estate offers Home-based Care, Assisted Living and Frail Care. The health care services on the estate are world class, and residents can rest assured that the qualified and caring team has their best interests at heart.


Home-based Care

For residents who simply need a bit of extra help, home-based care is an excellent option . A member of the healthcare staff can be sent to your residence to assist with the administration of medicine, the changing of a bandage, or other individualized health care assistance.

As part of a home-based care programme, a nurse or carer may also perform other duties like assisting with getting out of bed, walking, grooming, bathing and dressing.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists can also be introduced as part of a home-based care option to provide patients with specialised therapy.

The goal of home based care is to offer an unobtrusive service that allows you to continue living in your own home, but supporting you with a little additional help.


Assisted Living

Knysna Lifestyle Estate offers 24 hour assisted living services for those who need extra attention. Our nurses and/or carers are on hand to care for patients at all times. Nutritious meals and teas are provided.

The assisted living option allows residents the freedom to live independently, but with healthcare staff on hand at all times should they be needed.


Frail care

Frail care facilities offer a higher level of care for patients in need. A team of experienced nurses and carers are available to provide help to residents who need an advanced level of care. The frail care team also offer post-operative and convalescent care, wound care, pain management and palliative care.

The Knysna Lifestyle Estate’s Frail Care facilities uphold high standards, ensuring that all patients are looked after and their needs met.


How to get 24-hour care at Knysna Lifestyle Estate.

All Knysna Lifestyle Estate residents have access to a fantastic level of care while living on the estate. If you simply need a little extra help, perhaps after a medical procedure or during a time of convalescence, the health care team can send a nurse or carer to your home to provide what you need. Patients who need extra care are welcome in the frail care facility, where nurses and carers can provide round-the-clock treatment and assistance.

Knysna Lifestyle Estate offers a secure and healthy environment with facilities to support your healthcare requirements. Browse our healthcare page or contact us today for more information.

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