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The global Covid-19 pandemic has made us all assess the level of healthcare we have access to. Most of us have taken some time to consider what health care options are available to us and what would happen to us in the case of an illness like Covid-19.

If you’re considering making a move to a retirement estate, mature lifestyle estate or retirement village, it’s worth taking time to look into the health services on offer. Quality healthcare is vital at every life stage, but even more so in retirement, and access to good nursing staff and facilities is of utmost importance.


Home Based Care in Retirement Estates

A good retirement estate should be able to offer some form of home-based care, so that when you need a little additional help, you don’t have to rely on an assisted living facility or in-patient frail care facility.

Home based care could consist of basic nursing care, where a member of the nursing staff arrives at your home to assist with the administration of medicine, the changing of a bandage, or other individualized health care assistance.

As part of a home-based care programme, a home health carers may perform regular duties like assisting with getting out of bed, walking, bathing and dressing.

Additional service providers like physiotherapists and occupational therapists may also be available to help patients with specialised requirements.

The Knysna Lifestyle Estate offers high quality home based care for residents. Trained professionals are on hand to assist residents in their own homes when needed.


Assisted Living

People wishing to maintain independence while still having access to a highly experienced team of health care providers should consider the benefits of an assisted living facility. These facilities generally offer 24-hour supervision, healthy meals, medical care and therapy.


Frail care

Frail care facilities offer a higher level of care for patients in need.

At the Knysna Lifestyle Estate, our frail care facility offers assistance to patients who are recuperating after a surgical procedure, those who are disabled, weakened or bedridden patients.

Experienced nurses are there to ensure patients are well looked after and nursing staff are available 24/7 to provide exceptional care.


Covid care

In a facility like the Knysna Lifestyle Estate, nurses are fully trained to handle the Corona virus, knowing how best to keep residents’ safety top of mind at all times.

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