Benefits of retirement villages in South Africa

Choosing to move to a mature lifestyle estate or retirement village can be a hard decision. And while some may have a negative perception about the idea of a retirement home, there are many advantages of retirement villages.

These days, the concept of a retirement village has evolved – and new mature lifestyle estates offer their residents a wonderful mix of lifestyle amenities, convenience and safety.

Here are just a few of the advantages of living in a retirement village or estate:

 A sense of community

Staying in a retirement village offers many social advantages. Most villages offer a ‘clubhouse’ or ‘community centre’ where residents can gather together for various activities. More modern lifestyle estates, like the Knysna Lifestyle Estate, offer a range of amenities including a restaurant, library and lounge. Many estates will organise group activities like bridge matches and bird watching groups.


Activities right on your doorstep

A retirement village will often offer a range of activities and sporting options. Smaller villages may have a gym on the property and offer yoga or pilates classes for residents. Larger estates will often have a whole host of sporting facilities. Estates like the Knysna Lifestyle Estate offer tennis courts, walking trails, swimming pools and boules. And of course, having Knysna, George and Plettenberg Bay on your doorstep means an opportunity to play a round of golf at some of the world’s best golf course. An active retirement is more within reach if you have access to a range of sporting and exercising options.

Excellent healthcare on site

Most retirement villages offer some form of on-site medical facilities. This may include nursing staff, a frail-care facility or an assisted living facility. Generally, living in a retirement village will mean you can take advantage of round the clock care from nursing professionals if residents can relax safe in the knowledge that help is always close by if they need it. Knysna Lifestyle Estate has a healthcare centre including frail-care and nursing-care.

Superior security

Living within a retirement village, estate or community normally means some sort of security presence. Residents will generally enter and exit the village or estate at a single point, often manned by a security guard. Security personnel are also on hand to help if there is an incident.


What to look for when choosing a retirement home

 If you’re looking to retire, a mature lifestyle estate offers many advantages for active and social retirees. Here are some of the questions you should consider when looking at retirement housing options:

  • Security is an important consideration. Has the retirement facility had any security incidents? What sort of security is available when entering and exiting the property?
  • Look for a balance between independence and care. Does the estate offer free-standing homes? How close are your neighbours? Can you still live in an independent setting, even if you require a small amount of nursing assistance?
  • What kind of medical facilities are on site? Is there a nurse available at all times? Will you be able to receive basic medical assistance in your own home?
  • What kind of community spirit exists? Are their active groups and clubs? Will you find ways to socialise with like-minded individuals?
  • Consider the sporting facilities. Perhaps you enjoy a game of tennis or love swimming in the pool. Does the home or estate offer some form of exercise?
  • Where is the estate located? What can you enjoy doing in the area? We all dream of retiring somewhere relaxing and beautiful with the option of good shops and access to airports so family can easily visit. The location is key.

If you are looking for the ultimate retirement village in South Africa, consider retiring to the Knysna Lifestyle Estate. Contact us to find out about our various home plans options to choose from.

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