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Even before the Covid pandemic, semi-grating to Knysna was a popular option. Young families and empty nesters found that Knysna has a lot to offer, including an amazing outdoor lifestyle and all the activities and amenities you could want.

And when Covid afforded a huge number of South Africans the opportunity to work remotely, many packed their bags and headed to holiday homes in Knysna. And some have enjoyed the lifestyle so much they are making permanent changes, leaving city life behind and settling in this beautiful part of the world.

And why not? Knysna has it all. You’re surrounded by beautiful beaches, forests and hiking trails. On any given day, you can go fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, surfing or paragliding. You can cruise and sail on the Knysna lagoon, visit an art gallery on Thesen Island or play a round of golf on one of the country’s top golf courses. The town of Knysna offers wonderful restaurants, cafes and boutique shops. And you’ll find good schools, world class hospital, and many medical professionals all within easy reach.

The Knysna, Plett and George area are currently booming, and the little towns of Sedgefield and Wilderness have a lot to offer. The towns have always been a firm favourite amongst retirees because of the lovely relaxed atmosphere, low crime and natural beauty. Now couples are heading to Knysna long before retirement. Some people make the switch once their children leave for university, with others arriving even sooner and taking advantage of the public and private schools in the area.

If the remote working trend is here to stay – which many experts believe it is – Knysna will become a popular hub for semigration in South Africa.


What is the difference between semigration and emigration?

Emigration is leaving your home country to reside in another continent or country. But semigration or semi-emigration describes the act of moving within South Africa. When most people refer to semigration, they are talking about people leaving Gauteng to live in smaller, safer areas with beautiful scenery and decreased stress, such as Knysna.

Where is the best Lifestyle Village to semigrate to in the Garden Route?

If you’re looking to semigrate to Knysna, you may want to consider a lifestyle estate or village, which can offer a sense of security. If you are over the age of 50, Knysna Lifestyle Estate could offer the home of your dreams. This beautiful estate in the heart of Knysna offers a relaxed lifestyle and many onsite amenities including a clubhouse, tennis court, swimming pool and gym.

Browse our site plans and properties for sale. Knysna Lifestyle Estate is a place designed to suite your lifestyle. Contact us to find out more about what we have to offer.

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