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Retiring doesn’t have to mean slowing down or even stopping. In fact, it can actually mean the exact opposite. For many mature South Africans, moving to a retirement estate that prioritises independent living and a healthy lifestyle, can actually mean the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in life.

Knysna Lifestyle Estate is one such place. This retirement estate is designed for healthy living, and whether you’re an avid tennis player or a bird watcher, whatever you love to do, this estate is designed to enhance your twilight years.

What amenities for retirees are important in a retirement home? Let’s take a look at the most important senior living amenities that most retirees are looking for and what’s available at Knysna Lifestyle Estate.

What are the most important amenities for retirees?

This is a great question, with many possible answers. The most important senior living amenities will completely depend on the interests and activity levels of the residents. Some retirees will be looking for a retirement estate that can offer them a range of sporting amenities to keep up a fit, active lifestyle. While others will be looking for a secure environment that offers them tranquillity and naturally beautiful surroundings.

When it comes to amenities like sports, socialising and shopping, Knysna Lifestyle Estate has taken these important retirement facilities to a new level.

 Amenities for Retirees

What amenities & facilities does Knysna Lifestyle Estate have?
Both within the estate surroundings, and a short distance away, you’ll find excellent, world-class amenities and experiences that are sure to keep you feeling young and filled with renewed energy.

On Site Amenities
Within the estate, the retirement home facilities are all designed with healthy living in mind;

Heated Pool
The heated pool is a popular destination for many residents to start their day. Swim laps at your own pace or participate in a water aerobics class.

For the avid tennis player, we have a world-class tennis court and boule facilities where many residents like to keep fit. Thanks to the mild weather all year round in Knysna, tennis is a great year-round sport to keep fit and to socialise.

Gym & Sauna
We offer a fully-equipped gym for residents who like to keep fit on the treadmill or who enjoy strength training. We also have sauna facilities too.

Walking Trails & Bird Watching
For the retiree who loves to be out in nature and get their kicks from walking or bird watching, we have a myriad of walking trails that meander throughout the estate and nearby that can be traversed daily for exercise. We have over 70 species of bird found on the estate which will make any twitcher tweet with delight.

The clubhouse is the social centre of the estate, where many residents come for sundowners in the late afternoon or for a drink after a game of tennis, swim in the pool, round of billiards or cards. The clubhouse is an integral part of retirement living because it enables retirees to meet like-minded people and socialise with friends.

Nearby Amenities
There are a host of amenities and exciting facilities that are not far from the estate itself. Within a short drive from the estate there are some of the most world-renowned golf courses as well as the quaint, bustling town centre of Knysna.

The exquisite golf courses of Simola , Pezula and the Knysna Golf Course are right on the doorstep of the Knysna Lifestyle Estate. Many residents enjoy a regular round of golf at these courses each week. The world-class, Ernie Els-designed Fancourt Golf Course is just over 60km away in the town of George too.

Knysna is known for its bohemian style and the shopping experience in Knysna doesn’t disappoint. Spend the day ambling through small, quaint shops through town, or enjoy a bigger shopping experience in the Knysna Mall.

Keeping healthy means looking after your skin too. There are a select few, excellent beauty salons in Knysna that specialise in keeping ageing skin looking glowing and youthful. Many residents visit salons like Hello Gorgeous in the Knysna Mall for their regular beauty treatments.

For residents craving some amazing cuisine, there are a variety of top-quality restaurants and eateries in Knysna to choose from. Grab a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate croissant and cappuccino from Il de Pain on Thesen Island, try a famous Margherita Pizza at Café Mario’s or enjoy the likes of Drydock, 34 degrees South, Tapas and Sirocco overlooking the Knysna Lagoon.

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