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When it comes to retiring, many South Africans are looking for an Estate that offers luxury, space, and an environment where you can be assisted as you get older and your needs change. In Knysna Lifestyle Estate, we offer a range of property options to choose from including freehold homes as well as life-right properties (which includes assisted living units).

Let’s take a look at what life-right properties mean, what we have to offer in the Estate, and what the benefits of investing in a life-right retirement village like Knysna Lifestyle Estate are.

What are life-right properties?
When you invest in life right properties for sale, it means you live in and enjoy a home within a retirement estate as if it were your own (for the duration of your life span there) but the property is not owned by you, rather it is owned by the developer of the estate. With life rights to a home, you enjoy all the amenities of the estate and can style your home as you like, making it feel like yours while you live there.

At Knysna Lifestyle Estate, we only have a limited selection of life right units for sale, making these units sought-after for those wanting to commit to a life right retirement village in the Western Cape. However, within our life rights section, we also offer assisted living units that offer a variety of care options to choose from.

Assisted Living Units
In our assisted living life rights units, you are able to choose from care options such as;

  • Weekly laundry services
  • Daily meal options including breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Home-based care (Healthcare services)

Life Right Retirement Villages

Are life right retirement homes a good idea?
Thanks to the array of benefits to buying in a life-right retirement village in South Africa, which includes assisted living units, buying one of these types of homes is definitely a wise idea to see out your twilight years in luxury and safety.

Take a look at a few of the benefits to choosing a life rights unit in Knysna Lifestyle Estate;

  • No VAT or transfer duties are payable by you
  • All external painting and maintenance of the unit is the responsibility of the Homeowners’ Association including gutter repairs, external paving repairs, and basic garden maintenance.
  • Home insurance is the responsibility of the development company. Your only insurance responsibility is your home contents insurance.

View our properties that you can buy as a life right option.

Keen to know more about what Knysna Lifestyle Estate can offer you in your retirement? Contact Us today to learn more about both the freehold and life rights homes we have available.

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